Concrete protection of dams and spillways

1 Substrate

2 Primer
KÖSTER Polysil TG 500
3 Waterproofing layer
4 Surface protection
KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4

Massive water structures such as dams and spillways are constantly under high stresses due to strong water currents, which can cause damages to the concrete elements. Therefore, the concrete surfaces must be protected to reduce the loss of concrete coverage, and avoid water ingress in the structure that could trigger rebar corrosion and further carbonation.

Before installing a waterproofing and protection system, the concrete surfaces must be properly cleaned and prepared. Cracks in the concrete must be treated accordingly with a KÖSTER injection resin. Afterwards, the surface is primed with the deeply penetrating primer KÖSTER Polysil TG 500.

Water channels and tanks can be safely waterproofed with the mineral waterproofing with subsequently crystallizing agents KÖSTER NB 1 Grey. KÖSTER NB 1 Grey possesses excellent pressure and abrasion resistance, as well as chemical and sulphate resistance. It is also approved by the building authorities and tested in accordance with the potable water guidelines.

The surface protection and repair are carried out with the class R4 concrete repair mortar KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4. The material has been tested and approved according to EN 1504-3 and is distinguished by its high chemical and mechanical resistance. KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4 is suitable for statically relevant concrete repair and restoration measures, capable of being applied in a layer thickness of up to 50 mm, providing an outstanding protection layer for concrete.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.



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